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Phone: (780) 354-2201
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Water and Garbage Rates

Garbage Collection $20.00

on all billings as of November 1, 2016

1. Distribution Rate based on water meter size:
a.5/8 inch (15 mm) $14.00
b.3/4 inch (18 mm) $14.00
c.1 inch (25 mm) $21.70
d.1 ½ inch (37.5 mm) $57.90
e.2 inch (50 mm) $93.65
f.Greater than 2 inch (50 mm) $93.65
2. Sewer distribution charge and this charge shall be based on water meter size:
a.5/8 inch (15 mm) $4.50
b.3/4 inch (18 mm) $4.50
c.1 inch (25 mm) $5.65
d.1 ½ inch (37.5 mm) $21.70
e.2 inch (50 mm) $26.40
f.Greater than 2 inch (50 mm) $26.40

Water Consumption Rate $1.58 per cubic metre (m3) used in the month.
Sewer Consumption Rate $1.19 per cubic metre (m3) of water used per month. 

Bulk Water Rate $7.00 per cubic metre (m3).

Miscellaneous Rates
1.New Service Connection Fee
a.$1,500 for ¾ inch (18mm) or smaller plus cost of the meter.
b.$2,500 1 inch (25mm) or larger plus cost of the meter.
2.Penalty of 4.75% on the arrears on the first day of the new billing period.  
* All accounts in arrears for two (2) consecutive months may be turned off.  A $50 connection fee will be charged once the account is paid and the water is turned back on.  This service is not available outside of regular office hours. 
3.The monthly administrative fee of (non-electronic billing notification) $1.25 per month per account.  No administrative fee is charged for customers who sign up to receive their Utility Bill via email.  

Water Rates Schedule