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PO Box 30, 400 10 Street
Beaverlodge, Alberta  T0H 0C0
Phone: (780) 354-2201
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Life Jacket Loaner Station

NEW Lifejacket Loaner Station Program

Through the collective efforts of Lifesaving Society, The Town of Beaverlodge, and The Beaverlodge West County Pool, we are working towards a sustainable Lifejacket Loaner Station Program to help make our community a safer place to live, work and play by providing a kiosk where visitors can borrow lifejackets that will be available in various sizes and returned after use at no cost.

Goal:Our Recreation Team strives to do our part to prevent any water-related tragedies from occurring in and around our community.

Where: Kiosk is located at The Beaverlodge West County Pool, North of the East Entrance doors/parking lot. Kiosk is attached to the shed.

Description: The Lifejacket Loaner Station (LLS) program has two components. The first is a kiosk where visitors can borrow lifejackets, available in various sizes, and return them after use at no cost. The second component provides an opportunity to educate the public about drowning and injury prevention through public education materials such as posters and pamphlets.

Here at the Beaverlodge West County Pool water safety is our top priority. Staff have worked hard to create this program where members of the public can borrow lifejackets to take on your water adventures. This means you can take any amount of lifejackets needed while you go on your open water advantage, swimming, boating, paddle boarding, kayaking and more on any lake, river, or pond.

Drop-off/Pick up: Lifejackets are provided free of charge. This program is based on the honor system.We only have a limited number of lifejackets per season. Please ensure you clean and return the lifejackets after use.  

Donations: Donate your old lifejackets that no longer fit. All donations can be dropped off at the front counter so they can be inspected to ensure they are in proper working condition before placed at the kiosk. Forms for non life jacket donations can be found inside at the pool front desk.  

Contact Information: Any questions or concerns can be directed to The Pool by calling (780) 354-2203 or rcook@beaverlodge.ca

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 *Life jacket Loaner Station is closed during the winter*