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PO Box 30, 400 10 Street
Beaverlodge, Alberta  T0H 0C0
Phone: (780) 354-2201
Fax: (780) 354-2207

Contact Us
Contact Us
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Feel free to contact us and we would be pleased to assist you in any way possible
Town of Beaverlodge
PO Box 30, 400-10th Street
Beaverlodge, Alberta T0H 0C0
General Inquiries Phone: (780) 354-2201
Fax: (780) 354-2207
Pool Reception:  (780) 354-2203
Fax:  (780) 354-2207

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Gary Rycroft

Tel: 780-933-4954     Email: grycroft@beaverlodge.ca



Cyndi Corbett

Tel: 587-298-0432     Email: ccorbett@beaverlodge.ca


Terry Dueck

Tel: 780-354-2653     Email: tdueck@beaverlodge.ca



 Judy Kokotilo-Bekkerus

Tel: 780-354-2201     Email: jkokotilo-bekkerus@beaverlodge.ca



Hugh Graw

Tel: 780-814-0701     Email: hgraw@beaverlodge.ca       



Gena Jones

Tel: 780-518-9907     Email: gjones@beaverlodge.ca



Cal Mosher

Tel: 780-832-1164     Email: cmosher@beaverlodge.ca



 Chief Administrative Officer:          

Jeff Johnston, R.E.T

Tel: 780-354-2201            Email: jjohnston@beaverlodge.ca


 Deputy Chief Administrative Officer          

Tina Letendre

Tel: 780-354-2201 Ext. 1011           Email: tletendre@beaverlodge.ca

Public Works Manager:                                    

Nick Kebalo

Tel: 780-354-2205                           Email: nkebalo@beaverlodge.ca

Parks & Recreation Manager                            

Rae-Lynn Cook

Tel: 780-354-2203 Ext. 1005           Email: rcook@beaverlodge.ca       


Peace Officer:                            

Mark Morrical

Tel:  780-354-3535                      

Cell: 780-933-0696                       Email: mmorrical@beaverlodge.ca

Accounting Clerk:                        

Kathy Savard

Tel: 780-354-2201 Ext. 1024           Email: ksavard@beaverlodge.ca


Executive Assistant:                      

Nichole Young

Tel: 780-354-2201 Ext. 1013           Email: nyoung@beaverlodge.ca 


Corporate Services Clerk: 

Cindy Stewart

Tel: 780-354-2201 Ext. 1023           Email: cstewart@beaverlodge.ca 


Public Works

Tel:  780-354-2205

Water Treatment Plant

 Tel:  780-354-2206                       Email: waterplant@beaverlodge.ca

Pool Reception

Tel:  780-354-2203

Fax:  780-354-4050