Beaverlodge Hotel

101 – 10th Street Box 208 Beaverlodge, AB T0H0C0 Hotel with 10 rooms, Lounge, Tavern & Restaurant. Fax: 780-354-2910

Side Trax Inn

402 – 1st Avenue Box 1209 Beaverlodge, AB T0H0C0 Fax: 780-354-8676

Violet Rose Holdings


702 5th Ave Edmonton, AB T0J1V0 Mailing Address: 7409 Range Road 30 Cypress County Apartment Management.

Corridor Campground

Privately owned campground located at 505 Elevator Road in Beaverlodge. We have 25 Fully serviced sites nestled amongst rows of trees planted in an old farmstead. We welcome daily, weekly and monthly guests. PO Box 992 Beaverlodge, AB T0H 0C0