Council would also like to remind the public that the Town of Beaverlodge has a signed street maintenance route in the downtown area. The signs indicate that vehicles must not park in certain areas on Tuesday mornings from 5:00 a.m. through 8:00 a.m. This allows our Public Works Department time to properly maintain the downtown area streets on a regular basis. Vehicles that are parked on this route during these times may be towed and are subject to towing and impound fees. As well, any vehicle (including recreation vehicles) parked or left unattended on our streets or avenues for any time greater than seventy-two (72) hours may be towed and impounded until all charges in connection with such removal and storage have been paid. 

Burning within town limits is strictly prohibited. Only recreational pits constructed from non-combustible materials, with a screen on top are allowed. A copy of the required specifications can be picked up at the Town Office. 

Alleys and easements should not be used for storage areas; these areas require free access in case of emergency. Also, a reminder to property owners and construction companies working in town that building materials should be properly stored so that they do not get scattered all over, and garbage should be placed in proper receptacles. 

Our Public Works Department utilizes summer students to cleaning up garbage and debris that has gathered along fences and tree lines. This seems to be an ongoing thing that has to be done each year, and Council again reminds people to please not litter or allow your trash to blow around. 

Council really appreciates the many citizens who are doing their part to keep our town looking beautiful and making Beaverlodge a place to visit and live.

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