Council Committees – these Committees are formed by Council to focus on specific areas within the municipality. The composition of each Committee is determined by Council based upon their area of focus. Each Committee’s Terms of reference are approved by Council and provide the framework for the Committee.

Member-at-large – a member of the public, appointed by Council, to a Committee of Council as a representative of the base of the population. Members-at-large vote in Committee meetings.

Council Committees currently looking for Members-at-large:

  • Economic Development Committee
  • Community Enhancement Committee

Please read below for details including the Committees Terms of Reference as well as the application to become a Member-at-large.

Are you passionate about Beaverlodge? Do you want to promote the Town? The Economic Development Committee is looking for Members-At-Large!

What is the Economic Development Committee?

To advocate and seek out opportunities that stimulates growth potential for the Town of Beaverlodge. This may include a multitude of activities that meet the various areas of community economic development from business retention, expansion and attraction to tourism and general marketing ideas.

What are your duties as a Member-At-Large on this Committee?

Meet/Seek out opportunities…

  • For balanced development and growth of the community
  • To promote the community to potential investors
  • Generate ideas/activities to market/generate awareness of the community including avenues to promote business through attraction and retention initiatives
  • For partnerships/liaison for the benefit of the community: residential and business
  • To work collaboratively with Council and other parties interested in reaching common goals for the community:  balance growth (community economic development)

If this is something you’re interested in, fill out an application, or paper copies are available at the Town Office.

Please read the Terms of Reference below for the Economic Development Committee prior to submitting an application. If you have questions please contact the Town Office 780-354-2201.

Economic Development Committee – Terms of Reference

What is the Community Enhancement Committee?

A committee that has an advisory role providing information / recommendations to council in various areas such as Recreation, Beautification, Regional collaborations and more.

What are your duties as a Member-at-large on this committee?

  • Collaborating with the Committee of the Whole, Town Economic Development Committee, Service Clubs and Volunteer Organizations on initiatives that have synergies
  • Collaborating with Regional municipalities and associations
  • Recommending potential Committee members to Council
  • Reporting to Council quarterly on CEC meetings, initiatives, and their progress
  • Making recommendations to Council for changes to Town of Beaverlodge Policies and/or By-Laws

If this is something you’re interested in, please read the Committee Terms of Reference below and fill out the application and return it. Paper copies of the application can be obtained at the Town Office. If you have questions please contact the Town office at 780-354-2201.

Community Enhancement Committee Terms of Reference

Committee Application Form