Enjoy one of the most spectacular scenic views in Canada. Easily visible are the mountains, foothills, rivers, forests, and cultivated lands typical of the Peace Country. Follow the paved road to the viewpoint located 4 miles east of Beaverlodge on Highway 43. Turn at Huallen corner and continue 3 miles north up the “mountain”. “It is believed that the mountain escaped glaciation and probably sat astride an ice-free corridor linking Asia and North America.” According to Saskatoon Island Provincial Park Naturalist Margo Hervieux, Saskatoon Mountain was buried under over 1 mile of ice, so it didn’t escape the ice age, but because of its elevation was the first to be ice free, and was an island in an inland sea for a long time. This route, linking the two continents, may well have produced the first Albertans, and possibly the first North Americans.

Recent history saw the United States Air Force establish a radar base in 1952 on top of Saskatoon Mountain. The base was turned over to the Canadian Government in 1963, becoming Canadian Forces Station Beaverlodge. The base was closed permanently in August of 1988. There is a picnic area at the top of the mountain.