Upcoming Lifeguarding Courses – Summer 2022

National Lifeguard Certification Course June 2022

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Bronze Medallion

Prerequisites: Bronze Star or 13 years or older | Course Cost: $170

Bronze medallion teaches four components of water rescue education: Judgement, Knowledge, Skills, and Fitness. Rescuers learn tows, carries, defense, and release methods in preparation for challenging rescues of conscious and unconscious victims. Includes CPR A and AED.

Bronze Cross

Prerequisites: Bronze Medallion and Emergency First Aid or Standard First Aid certifications (need not be current). | Course Cost: $125

Designed for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced training including an introduction to safe supervision in aquatic facilities. Bronze Cross is a prerequisite for all advanced training programs including National Lifeguard and instructor certification. Includes a timed 600m swim.

National Lifeguard

Prerequisites: Must be a minimum of 16 years old, Bronze cross certification and standard First Aid. | Course Cost: $395

The National Lifeguard certification is the standard measurement of lifeguard performance in Canada. The course is designed to develop sound understanding of lifeguarding principals, good judgement and a mature responsible attitude toward the role of lifeguard. The program emphasizes teamwork, leadership, communications, prevention of accidents, and the treatment of medical emergencies.

To register for any of these courses please call us at 780-354-2203 or we can assist you at our front desk.