1. One set of blueprints are required, electronic copy is preferred.
  2. Two copies of a plot plan that show where the building will be situated within the parcel and the side yard measurements are required.

Residential Building permit costs are based on square footage and Commercial Building permit costs are based on construction value. An off-site levy of $2,500 is charged on all residential new building construction and $4,000 on all commercial new building construction. This provides a source of revenue to upgrade utilities, like water and sewer, because of the increased demand of new users. Construction of water services, sewer services or both – If necessary, the Applicant is entitled to construct water services, sewer services or both which are subject to specific conditions and is required to enter into a memorandum of agreement with the Town of Beaverlodge 

OTHER: Permit must be issued by the Safety Codes Officer prior to commencing with construction. Violation will result in an additional $100.00 levy. All wooden basements must be inspected by an engineer and report submitted the the Town Office. Construction must be complete prior to occupancy. Construction must be completely finished within one year or date of permit. Three inspections may be done to construction:

  1. Prior to backfilling
  2. Prior to drywalling
  3. When completely finished and prior to occupancy.

One or more inspections must be done to auxiliary construction. Number will be advised by Safety Codes Officer when the permit is approved. 

CONTACTS: Development Officer: (780-354-2201) or 

Building Inspections: County of Grande Prairie (780-513-3950